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LaChelle Lynn

founder, leader of the chaos

Growing up an only child to a single mother, single income dynamic in the heart of Utah, LaChelle would witness the hardships of growing up without and the struggle that embodied low income families. She was the only child until her mother remarried giving her 3 brand new siblings. Attending the infamous East High School in Salt Lake City, filming Disney’s High School Musical, performing in theatre, and heavily competing in Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. She gained unparalleled skills in leadership, discipline, teamwork and service to community that would follow and ultimately grow through her enlistment in the Utah Army National Guard. After 8 years, as an Apache Helicopter Mechanic, she would change her focus to her newly established family of girls becoming a stay at home mom to 2 under 2. Unfortunately in 2020 losing her husband, she decided to follow her dreams and moved to southern California to build their dream life in hopes of finding their own tribe of individuals.

Sandra Leos-Amador

designated chancla officiant

Born and raised in The Golden State, Sandra and her older sister Melissa, grew up in the standard Mexican-American family in the suburbs of Southern California. After gaining the knowledge and skillset in Early Childhood Development and then into Pharmaceutical Technologies, she was forced to abdicate her studies to return home to care for her deteriorating parents. By 2014, after 5 years battling aggressive cancers, both of her parents had passed on only 6 months before learning she was pregnant with her first son. After 10 years of marriage, and adding a second son to her family, Sandra strives forward each day by homeschooling her boys, keeping up with her best friends shenanigans and providing a comforting home environment for her family and those in need while also beginning therapy for the first time in her 30s.

Melissa Leos

title coming soon…

Bio coming soon….

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