Hi! I’m LaChelle

I can’t believe this is real life!

Hi. I’m Lachelle and I came from a little city in the heart of Utah, or simply, Salt Lake City. For many years I dreamed of getting out into the world, traveling, and praying I could have an income that justified all of this. I came across offroad racing in 2011 and found that my hobby was taking photos of the amazing machines that battle in the dirt. I was published in my first year of photography and even featured at SEMA that same year! Fast forward to 2020 after trials and many tribulations, two little girls later, and losing my fiancé, I made the biggest move of my life! I moved to California to on a dream in hopes to build a life we would love! These are our adventures and life lessons as we begin our new lives. Our struggles, lessons, wishes and more.

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